Wellness RVTs

Learn more about our specialty trained Registered Veterinary Technicians, now providing preventative care appointments and administering vaccinations!

RVT Wellness FAQ! 🙋‍♀️
We just started a 🆕 program at our clinic and we are excited to answer all of your questions❗️

What care do these RVTs provide?
Abbie, Anne and Sara are our specialty trained Registered Veterinary Technicians who provide preventative care to your pets.They do this by examining them, administering vaccinations, and discussing preventative care.
What training did they have?
They went to a Mobilizing RVTs course and spent five days being trained in depth on communication, nutrition, vaccinations, laboratory and diagnostics, behaviour, and how to provide care during an appointment.
By having this program, what changes will clients see?
Now that we are booking appointments with our RVTs, this means we have more availability to schedule follow up visits, sick patients, and urgent medical cases with our Doctors. This will reduce wait times for patients who require medical treatment and care.
Our RVTs are very excited for this program, this will allow them a more personal experience with you and your pet. We know the veterinary industry is growing, this will allow us to provide care quickly and will be done by caring, educated and experienced Registered Veterinary Technicians!
As the industry continues to advance, we move with it for the best health care for our patients and clients. ❤️
Give us a call today and would be happy to answer more of your questions or book you in!