Cage Card Apparel

We are ✨SO✨ excited to announce that our online shop for our “Cage Card” apparel is now active!!

We have several designs, colours and sizes available in t-shirts, long sleeves, crew necks and hoodies! 👏🏻

The best part? 5% of sales goes towards our Buddy/Zoey Fund

What are these funds for?

These funds are used when owners are going through financial hardships. Circumstances may arise where a pet requires necessary or urgent care. Sadly, we can never plan nor predict when these situations happen and they always arise at the worst of times.

We understand the needs of our patients, but we always understand and know the needs of our clients.

With these funds, we are able to assist owners when it comes to paying for unforeseen medical expenses for their pet. This may include medication, surgery, or emergency care.

When you donate to our funds, you are helping a pet in need, but also helping a person in need.

Please follow the link below to access the shop!

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